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A Simple Guide To Deep Cleaning Your Office

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14.Jul, 20200Comments Off on A Simple Guide To Deep Cleaning Your Office

A Simple Guide To Deep Cleaning Your Office

If you hire a cleaning company, they’ll create a weekly cleaning schedule for your office which will include basic cleaning of walls, floors, furniture, ablutions etc. It will not include deep cleaning.


When was the last time you deep cleaned your office? You’re probably wondering what a deep clean entails. Since every workplace is different, details will vary but for the most part, this is what you can expect from an office deep clean.


  • High dusting of all light fixtures and vents
  • Vacuum all windowsills, drapes, blinds etc
  • Dust all baseboards, light switches, walls, doors and doorknobs
  • Move furniture and vacuum carpets/clean floors. Clean baseboards behind furniture
  • Wipe down all surfaces including employee desks after they’ve removed everything
  • Clean and sanitise all computer screens and keyboards
  • Clean all kitchen appliances, cabinets and the refrigerator
  • Clean bathroom sinks, toilets, urinals and walls
  • Scrub bathroom floors to help eliminate the smell of urine
  • Redo caulk around sinks and toilets


Additional services that can be requested during a deep clean include:


  • Carpet cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Strip and wax flooring
  • High Ceiling Dusting (Warehouse setting)


If you can’t remember the last time you scheduled a deep clean from your cleaning company, it might be time to give them a call and discuss your options. A deep clean might reveal a host of other issues like pest infestations or necessary repairs. And if caught early, could save you time and money.


While it’s completely possible to get your employees on board to perform the deep clean, it’s better to hire professional cleaning services Johannesburg for the project. Not only are they experts in the field, but they also have the proper equipment to get the job done fast and effectively.


An annual deep clean will be a good start. If you can afford bi-annually or quarterly, even better. Stay on top of your cleaning to ensure a clean, healthy environment for your employees.




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